Booklab is a venue for people who want to talk about books, stories, essays, ideas for books, authors, the writing process, the world of publishing and everything else related to books. We invite an author to a home in Boston, have a wide ranging discussion, and share drinks and snacks.

Our authors cover a variety of genres, and range from well known to just starting out. To give you an idea of Booklab’s breadth, here’s a list of our presenters:

2013-2014 Booklab season Sara DiVello, Neville Frankel, Nicole Bernier, Jane Roper, Alden Jones, Laura van den Berg, Michelle Hoover, Megan Marshall

2014-2015 Booklab season Ron McLean, Clara Silverstein, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Bret Anthony Johnston, Joan Wickersham, Michael Lowenthal, Lisa Borders, EB Moore

2015-2016 Booklab season Wendy Drexler, Rishi Reddi, Marjan Kamali, Kim McLarin, Heidi Pitlor, Melissa Green, Jonathan Wilson, Rachel Cohen, Hank Philipi Ryan, Askold Melnyczuk.

2016-2017 Booklab season Stuart Nadler, Virginia Pye, Anjali Duva, Jerald Walker, Jennifer Haigh, Doug Bauer, Nina MacLaughlin and Anita Diamant.

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