Arms and the University

Here’s another word about the debate of whether to allow ROTC on liberal arts campuses. A new book, Arms and the University, talks about the unhealthy divide between the military and the rest of society, particularly universities. It seems to me that one way to help bridge the divide is to allow ROTC on campus.

Our society has engaged in a decade of war, but most of us go on living our civilian lives as though there is no war. The dichotomy is starkly clear on university campuses. Students are, in general, the same age as many of the country’s soldiers, but the students don’t see their military contemporaries.

As the book discusses, the failure to overlap is harmful to all of us. Our future security and welfare depends on the cross-pollination of military and civilian ideas, and our universities should encourage the cross-pollination by bringing down barriers between the two halves of American society.

updated: 1 year ago