Note to candidates: I won’t vote for a woman. . .

I won’t vote for a woman, just because she’s a woman. Gender does not a candidate make, any more than race, ethnicity or religion does. In this political season, some people are saying we need a woman to run things, and that puts me off.

Sure, I want someone who can run things, in City Hall, the State House, and even the White House. So tell me about your experience running something, whether it was a government office, or a corporation, or a nonprofit. Tell me how you’ve met a budget, attracted and motivated talent and reached goals. Tell me, too, about your experience with the issues. How does your work experience relate to the most pressing issues in the race?

I want a candidate who has a vision of whatever she wants to be in charge of, be it the city, state or country. Paint a picture of how you want things to be, so I can discover if you and I share ideals.

Tell me how you plan to get where you want to go. What policies would get you there, what problems would stand in your way and how would you solve them? Be realistic.

Don’t be afraid to step away from orthodoxy. Take a stand for what you believe in, even if your political party will have fits, or your constituents will disagree. And explain why I should agree with you; lay out the facts and figures backing you up, and show me that history and experience are on your side of the argument.

Be ethical. Don’t try something and then apologize when you get caught; have a strong moral and ethical compass so you don’t try it in the first place.

I want to like you, too, both your personality and your personal story. But I appreciate different sorts of life stories; you don’t have to have an up-from-the-bottom immigrant story. Don’t try to force what doesn’t fit.

If you do all this, you’ll get my attention and maybe my vote. And if you’re a woman, I’ll be really pleased.

updated: 1 year ago