In the Tidal Pool

For my friends, I have news. I am about to submit my book manuscript to the publisher and
I’ll be taking a breather. There’s still more work ahead (a cover design to approve,
copyediting, more rounds of proofreading), but because the book won’t be out until the
spring of 2022, I want to use this time to share what I’ve been working on. That’s why I’m
inviting you to sign up for my newsletter. (Sign up on my website at

Just to remind you, my book is a collective biography of women who were ambitious
enough to have professional careers in the mid-twentieth century, when women were
expected to stay home and be housewives. Instead, these women went out to work. Their
careers were demanding and fulfilling. The book’s title, They Called Us Girls: Stories of
Female Ambition from Suffrage to Mad Men, hints at some of the challenges they faced.

As I’ve researched the book, I’ve come across fascinating women and bits of history. My
newsletter will share some of what I’ve found. Once a month you'll receive a short (I
promise) missive about someone or something that was fun or unexpected, and made
history come alive for me.

In the Tidal Pool – that’s the name I’ve chosen for my newsletter. When I was a kid, I loved
being at the beach where I would spend hours mucking around in tidal pools. I’d run my
hand over slimy seaweeds and play with snails and tiny crabs, watching intently as they
reacted to me. Working on the book has been similar. I’ve spent hours mucking around in
research, dredging up bits of the past that delighted and made me realize the connection of
the past to us today. That’s what I want to share in the newsletter.
Coming in the first installment is a vintage photo – how I discovered it and what it means to
me and the women in my book.

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