When Kathleen was young, her mother took her to museums. Later, she gave Kathleen a copy of Janson’s History of Art. No surprise, then, that Kathleen was an art history major in college.

She has written dozens of art reviews. Here are some favorites.

Visual Arts Review: “Among Women” — Different Kinds of Strength

Phebe Upham, just nineteen years old when this portrait was painted, already shows the determination that would carry her through life. The picture was part of an exhibition of women’s portraiture at the Bowdoin College museum.

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Photo: “Portrait of Mrs. Thomas C. Upham (née Phebe Lord)” by Gilbert Stuart, c. 1823. Gift of Edward D. Jameson. Photo courtesy of Bowdoin College Museum of Art.

Visual Arts Review: The Art of Celia Paul — The Power of Quiet

This painting was part of a small exhibition of Celia Paul’s work at the Yale Center for British Art. Paul works quietly, often using family members or artifacts from a beloved homestead as her subjects. The sea is reminiscent of her childhood years near the shore

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Photo: “Clouds and Foam” by Celia Paul, 2017.Photo courtesy of Yale Center for British Art

Visual Arts Review: A Joyous Look at New American Sculpture, 1914 – 1945

The Portland Museum of Art’s exhibition of twentieth century sculpture featured bodies dancing, leaping, stretching, caressing, and floating through space. Here, the female body is at once hefty and buoyant, ready to lift into the air.

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Photo: “Standing Woman” by Gaston Lachaise, 1912-27. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of R. Sturgis and Marion B.F. Ingersoll. Photo courtesy of Portland Museum of Art.

Visual Arts Review: An Indelible Sense of Vermont — The Photographs of Nathan Benn

In the early 1970s, National Geographic dispatched photographer Nathan Benn to document life in Vermont, a state then rich with generations-old farms, recently arrived hippies and traditional town meetings. Forty years later, Benn’s photographs, exhibited at the Shelburne Museum, were a reminder of what was.

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Photo: “St. Albans” by Nathan Benn, 1973. Photo courtesy of the Shelburne Museum.

Visual Arts Review: “National Pride (and Prejudice)” at MFA Boston — Thinking Critically about National Icons

When Lyle Ashton Harris took this photo, no black woman had won the Miss America pageant. The question he poses – who is truly American? – continues to reverberate.

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Photo: “Miss America” by Lyle Ashton Harris, 1987–88. Photo Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.